I have nothing to wear! As a lifelong lover of fashion, this is something I never thought I would say. Modeling and designing taught me plenty of tricks: buy favorite pieces in multiple colors, a defined waistline gives any look an instant boost, do not underestimate the power of a skilled tailor (or a great leather jacket). But as I stood in my closet at 5 a.m. running late for a flight and with a full day ahead of me, I felt defeated by a wardrobe of favorite pieces—the sequined gown, the cozy weekend sweater and stacks of jeans, the beachy dresses, the amazing red stilettos that only look right with a certain red suit and start to pinch after 20 minutes—that each fit a particular part of my life but none of which would get me through a busy Thursday.

On that frazzled morning, I ended up throwing a few possible outfits into a garment bag, and stealing away for a couple of quick changes as the day went on (and on), but the experience got me craving clothes that were special but versatile, flattering yet easy to wear. I started looking for these uncompromising clothes—at stores, in the collections of my favorite designers, in the closets of my friends—but found little more than “basics” that lacked shape, style, and personality.


So I decided to create these pieces for myself, and for other women who sought to look polished and pulled-together not just for an “event” but for an entire, wonderful, unpredictable day—and night.


They come together in KLS: a new collection of bold yet streamlined ready-to-wear and accessories. Here you’ll find the exact pieces I sought, from sleek dresses to wear to brunch and keep on for cocktails to the black-but-not-boring jacket that I throw on to pick up the kids and also wear out at night, along with many more. Distinguished by structured yet comfortable silhouettes, KLS combines exquisite materials with luxe details such as flattering panel construction and colorblocking, leather accents, and fearless prints. These are the pieces I now reach for to feel instantly, confidently dressed for whatever the day may bring, and I’m thrilled to share them with you.